Lottie's Fashion Catwalk Party

lotto's fashion catwalk party

Luvlybubbly had a ball on Sunday, hosting a Fashion Diva Catwalk Party for Lottie and her 16 friends in celebration of her 8th birthday. 

The girls had the opportunity to be fashion designers and models for the day. They were spoilt for choice with a vast collection of rhinestone gems and templates to embellish their T-shirts with. Each guest was given a step-by-step demonstration of how to use the tools and materials, the girls got to work - designing their individual masterpieces.  

Once each child had finished their designs, the sparkling gems were hot-pressed into place using our pressing machine - the girls did an amazing job on their t-shirts! As requested by Lottie’s mum, the purple, blue and magenta coloured tutus (colours which birthday girl Lottie had carefully chosen) were premade by the Luvlybubbly team to save a bit of time during the party.  

Next, comes the fashion show, the red carpet was rolled out and the girls had a quick practice of rocking the runway before putting on their designed garments.

After a few practice rounds of the fashion catwalk, the young designers were eager to put on tutus and rhinestone t-shirts. The parents got seated and the girls began to rock the runway showcasing their designer outfits. 

This was such a special moment as each child walked down to rock the red carpet with pride as they paraded their beautiful masterpieces. 

These beautiful fashion t-shirts have been competed designed by these awe-inspiring 7 & 8-year-olds!