Children's Fashion parties

Jessica’s party was a huge success! 

Each guest was welcomed into a room all set up for them to design and decorate their own creations. Everyone got to choose the exact design they wanted to use on their t-shirt from a wide selection of rhinestone templates. There were all kinds of designs to pick from including flowers, bows, various cartoon characters and so much more.

Each guest was given their own spot at the design table where they were given a large selection of hotfix rhinestones to choose from to bring their t-shirt designs to life. Their excitement was palpable as they gathered their rhinestones. Once they got to work all was quiet as they let their creative juices flow.

After about an hour the girls had completed their “looks” and the t-shirts came out beautifully. They all exhibited such creativity and each girl had so much to be proud of. They couldn’t wait to begin their next project!

Time to Make Tutus

The party guests didn’t really think they could make their tutus themselves, but with a little direction they were surprised to find that it was quite easy. As they each began making their own tutus we started heat pressing their rhinestone adorned t-shirts.

The Fabulous Fashion Show

When all the girls saw how amazing their t-shirts all looked, now that they were pressed and ready to wear, they could hardly contain their excitement. They quickly changed into their new outfits and got ready for the fashion show.We set the stage by rolling out the red carpet, putting up a gorgeous backdrop and turning on the music. Each guest would model their outfit wearing a masquerade for the fashion show.

Oh what a fabulous sight it was watching each model strut their stuff down the red carpet. They all were having so much fun. After each model completed her turn down the runway they were given a red rose. Happy Birthday by Steve Wonder was played as Jessica took her turn walking down the middle whilst her guests each gave her a red rose. Everyone clapped and applauded her as they joined in singing Happy Birthday. Our birthday girl Jessie felt so special.

It was truly a remarkable birthday celebration.

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