The power of thought is what allows children to grow up and change the world!

Don’t let them go through life accepting everything just the way it is. Let’s encourage them to dig deeper, and express curiosity as to how their favourite products are made – like nail polish!

We’ll show them how to make their very own nail polish and lip gloss, teaching them about the ingredients and showing them how to design their own signature colours.

We use non-toxic ingredients while providing a hands-on learning experience that they can flaunt to their friends for years after the party winds down!


  • Create your very own custom lip-gloss

  • Learn how to create and mix your own stunning nail polish

  • Indulge in exciting hands-on learning

  • Design and label your very own creations

  • Leave with an empowering certificate of achievement

  • Learn more about solids, liquids and all-natural ingredients

  • Design your own custom bag to pack all your creations in

  • Get creative and have the time of your life!

  • Use a non-toxic nail polish base