JEWELS & GEMS Jewellery Making Party

2 hours

Age 8+


Don’t let them go through life accepting everything just the way it is. Let’s encourage our children to dig deeper and express curiosity as to how their favourite products are made – like jewellery! Our new exciting Jewels & Gem Jewellery making party is perfect for the creative child who loves to make and create beautiful wearable jewellery pieces. Each partygoer will create a gorgeous necklace, a trendy charm bracelet and a bag or bookmark charm.

We’ll show them how to make their very own stylish jewellery pieces, teaching them tips tricks and techniques you’ll be amazed at their creations.


How does it work


Our team will arrive 30 - 40 minutes prior to the party to ensure everything is set up, ready for all your guests to have a stupendous jewellery making party experience.

At the start of the party, each party guest will get their creative juices flowing by touching, feeling, and looking at jewellery similar to what they’ll be making.

Next, children are introduced to tools and material and are given a demonstration of how to make stunning jewellery pieces.

Then, every guest gets to choose from a large selection of beautiful beads and charms they are given a demonstration of tips and techniques of how to make beautiful professional jewellery pieces. Equipped with the know-how children begin handcrafting their masterpieces.

Lastly, guests will decorate their own personalised jewellery boxes using stickers and stencils this activity is always a crowd pleaser, as it lets every person create a beautiful custom box which they can use to keep their beautiful creations safely in.  All guests are given a certificate of achievement for amazing effort and a new learnt skill. As well as all the items they have created.