Summer Heatwave - Fun Ways to Keep the Children Cool


A few creative ways for you to make the most of – and keep cool in – this HOT weather!



First off, Sunny weather precautions!

  • Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated

  • Sun hats

  • Sun tan lotion



Now that precautions have been stated, here are the great ideas:

1)  Fantastic Cool Down Foods  

o  Ice-lollies / Ice-cream 

o  Refrigerated watermelons 

o  Fruit salads 


2)  Cool Down Activities


  • Apple bobbing – an activity usually associated with winter, but ideal within the hot weather. Depending on the size of your bucket, you will need enough apples to fill the surface area, as well as enough water to get the apples floating to the brim. Once this is done, the children will use their teeth (with strictly no hands) to bite and catch the apples.



  • Flat Water Slide – You can pick-up an inexpensive flat water slide from Argos, Wilko or a local supermarket – for around the £20 mark. The children will retreat to the garden and love this newly added outdoor feature.



  • Ice skating – is not just an activity for those chilly winter days or one solely for Christmas festivities. Visiting your local ice-rink is a fun way to practice those balance and skating skills, as well as helping yourself and the children cool down to take a break from the sun. Don’t forget, when going into the ice-rink, do layer up!



  • Paddling pool – unlike the giant full-size pools, paddling pools are quick and easy to assemble – and are pretty inexpensive. So, why not put on your swimwear and join in with the kids in splashing about!



  • Swimming– visiting your local leisure centre or swimming pool is a great way for your children to strengthen their swimming skills and enjoy their time in the pool. As well as allowing them to enjoy a range of aquatic activities, it can also be a chance to cool down from the hot and humid weather.



  • Water Balloon Piñata – You guessed it. Water balloon piñata is like the usual game but instead of the piñata being filled with sweets, several balloons will be filled with WATER! Once the water-filled balloons have been pegged on the clothing line, the blind folded participant will attempt to hit and burst the balloon with the baton. When the balloon is struck and bursts the spray of water will be a nice way to cool down.



  • Water Bucket Race–You will need two large buckets, each placed at separate ends of the garden. Fill up one of the buckets with water. Yourself and/or your children will stand at the other end of the garden. Using a smaller bucket/container you will race to see who can transport as much water as possible from one bucket to another, in the shortest amount of time. Try not to spill the water! The trick is: Fast and Steady Wins the Race!



  • Water Contest–At first thoughts, the idea of a water fight/contest might appear to be chaotic and out of hand. However, if regulated, playing this game can be a great way to cool down. Instead of forking out on water guns, you can swap these for cool cost-effective squirty / spray bottles that do the trick – plus, you won’t be as drenched as with the water guns.

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