Did you know bath bombs were invented by Mo Constantine one of the founders of Lush cosmetics in 1989? Bath bombs as we know today are a great addition to the bathing experience – adding fiz, a pop of colour and sweet smells! 

girls mixing bath bombs


Made from a blend of dry ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and water, the mixture can be tightly compressed into any chosen mould. 


This reaction creates sodium citrate (Na3C6H5O7) and carbon dioxide (CO2). These are the bubbles and fizz that we see immediately after. 

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Bath bombs have many benefits, including balancing the bodies’ PH, flushing out toxins, softening the water and relaxing muscles.

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Shall I invite everyone in the class to my child's party?
Pink Confetti Kids Party Invitation.png

If you and your child are happy to invite the whole class, and it's not going to put a burden on your finances, then go ahead!

If you don't feel confident, however, it’s okay to invite a selection of children.  

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To avoid upset, be discrete, avoid handing out invitations at school. Instead, send out invites via a text message, WhatsApp or approach parents individually.



Prepare your child on what to say, as they may be asked the big ‘why’ question (why am I not invited?).  Honesty is always the best policy. By simply saying that “this year we’ve had to keep it small, but in the future, we may have a larger party where everyone will be invited” is a good response for those potentially daunting questions.



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