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Luvlybubbly Soap Making Parties offers a hands on craft based learning experience, giving children the skill, confidence and the know- how to create professional bath and beauty products that are not only pleasing to the eyes but great for the skin. Guests leave with useable items and a newly learned skill. 


kids Soap Making Parties at LuvlyBubbly.JPG


  • Learn the craft of soap making

  • Design your own soap and bath bomb

  • Enjoy peace of mind with safe, organic ingredients

  • Choose your own captivating fragrance

  • Craft your own beautiful cotton bag

  • Indulge in hands-on learning

  • Get busy and have a ball!

  • Take your pick from an exciting collection of natural micas

beautiful natural lip balms


  • Learn to make natural lip balm

  • Craft your very own shower smoothie

  • Learn the ins and outs of vegetable oil

  • Pick and mix your own cosmetic flavour oil

  • Indulge in all-natural micas colours

  • Design your very own bag

  • Learn more about both solids and liquids

  • Get creative and have the time of your life


unicorn Soaps-on-Dotted-Clot


  • Design your own custom soap

  • Learn and make rainbow bath sherbet

  • Create a custom designer bag

  • Learn to measure mix and colour soap

  • Organic soap base

  • Natural mica colours

  • Cosmetic fragrance oils

  • Certificate of achievement and Fun hands on learning

lip balm making.JPG


  • Learn to make natural lip balm

  • Design your unique bath bomb

  • Mix up your own lip colour

  • Learn about the benefits of bath bombs

  • Fun hands on learning

  • Design your very own bag

  • Learn more about both solids and liquids

  • Get creative and have the time of your life




(Frequently Ask Questions)


How our Soap Making Parties Work


This soap-making parties are filled with so much fun and creativity!  Pupils are introduced to a range of new materials and design their very own organic, functional soap.


1. Let the inspiration begin                  

The groups gets their creative gets their creative juices flowing by touching, feeling, and looking at soaps created at previous workshops by pupils like themselves.

2. Introduction to tools and materials

Pupils are shown the process and techniques of soap making and taught how to use all the tools safely and correctly.

3.  The selection process

Individuals choose from a large selection of cosmetic fragrance oils and natural mica colours to fragrance and scent their soap and bath bombs. Students also have the option to embed their soap with a bath toy.


4. ATENDEES begin designing their soaps & BATH BOMBS

With our friendly staff on standby with tips, tricks and inspiration if needed.

5. GUESTs work on their TAKE HOME BAGS

Making a beautiful bag to take their soaps and bath bombs home in, is another get relaxing activity.